18/365 Cakes and Flowers

Some cool muffins images:

18/365 Cakes and Flowers

Image by -mrsraggle-
Has been a while since I treated the house to some fresh cut flowers, so I decided to pick some up today. They smell lovely.

Sunday is baking day, so for 365×2009 here are some double choc muffins I just made :)


Image by Jaypeg
I made banana muffins with my christmas icing kit and my glitter sparkles. It was a monday gift to my work place.

New Dirty Cake

Image by Phillip
Tasha invented a new cake today. These are WARM chocolate muffins filled with nutella . OMG!!

Compressing Puer Cakes

Some cool cup cakes images:

Compressing puer cakes
cup cakes

Image by sevencups

cake cups
cup cakes

Image by evolutionofchase
didn’t want to waste the first cake that fell apart.

Life is a cup of cake
cup cakes

Image by pauldesu.com