Cream Cheese Raspberry Muffin

Check out these baking muffins images:

Cream cheese raspberry muffin
baking muffins

Image by Danube66
You can find the recipe on the blog.

Pear and ginger muffins
baking muffins

Image by Lebatihem
Pear and ginger muffins, recipe from Nigella Express. Highly recommended!

Sepia – Baking muffins
baking muffins

Image by Thom Watson
November 17, 2004: Sepia toned for that old-time home-baked feel. Jeff’s been baking tonight.


Raspberry and White Chocolate Chip Muffins

Some cool muffins images:

Raspberry and white chocolate chip muffins

Image by sally_monster
They turned out really good. Moist and very tasty :D

Delicious Apple Fibre Muffins

Image by jazzijava
This is the perfect use up for home made applesauce! I used a rich, thick home made kind made with peel-on, roasted apples, but of course jarred sauce or apple butter are fine!

Lemon-poppyseed-papaya-flax-yogurt muffins

Image by sylvar
Effortlessly uploaded by Eye-Fi

Cafe Au Lait With Raspberry Bran Muffin

A few nice muffins images I found:

Cafe Au Lait with Raspberry Bran Muffin

Image by Janellie
Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scott and started the day at Gigi’s Cafe. We sat in the sunny window to warm up. I chose an Au Lait and a raspberry bran muffin to start my day. I didn’t finish the coffee and will need to start ordering smaller sizes when I have this drink because I can never seem to finish them. If I am going to continue drinking caffeine, I am glad I am kicking the morning Diet Dr. Pepper habit!

Mini Apple and Cinnamon Muffin

Image by avlxyz
Chris brought us some mini muffins on the last official day of work for the year.
Thanks for the mini muffins, Chris.
Merry Christmas to you too!

Dorie Greenspan’s Corn Muffins

Image by ginnerobot
The colors on this look crazy, but it’s only when I upload it to flickr. So that’s weird.

I had Monday off, so I planned to make a really tasty dinner– only to forget that I couldn’t buy the wine I needed to make the sauce I had planned on making, becuase it was MLK Day. Oh well.

Instead, I went for these corn muffins, which we had planned on making for quite sometime.

Recipe here

January 18, 2010